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The Noise of Silence

Have you ever heard the sound of silence?

Have you experienced the noise of silence? No, I’m not talking about any meditation.

Have you ever closed your ears and heard some music, and did you know what that music was? In fact, there wasn’t even such music as you could hear and listen.

Or have you ever hummed a melody you’ve never heard before, feeling like you’ve listened to it from your heart many times?

Sometimes the unbearable relief of screaming without even moving your lips?

It is impossible for those who hear it to understand how much noise there is in the world of the silent ones. Because even They are unaware of the noise they make.

This harmony of body language with signs. To feel the melody of the signs that came to life in silence. Signs gain a different meaning when they are in harmony with the body.
If these people were given the same chance, I asked myself if they would be the best artists in the world in visual arts (Cinema etc…)

Yes, The place I went to was a DEAF church.

There are hundreds of churches that hold services for 10-15 people every Sunday.
But, there are full of prayers here, and had hundreds of followers of this worship online via social media.

Please do not mention me about the equity of the opportunity.

It doesn’t matter to me which church they belong to.

What bothers me is that while there are so many empty churches, these people’s children cannot find a building to study in as a school.

These people should have much more attention, care, and rights than groups that pursue ridiculous pleasures and rights.

These people’s children cannot even go to school. The state doesn’t even listen to these people. Which politician cares about the votes of the minority, While even GOD deceives people with heaven and hell? While these people are blessed by GOD Himself.

Just Life matters! The rest is either a detail or an empty promise!!

Just whose heart is deaf can not hear your scream.

if GOD is not here, then he isn’t anywhere!

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