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Van Halen and M&M Brown

Actually, I should have put the appropriate M@M picture in the title of this post – like everyone else – . But I wanted you to focus on this Picture.

Tell the story exactly, Van Halen was a very popular rock band in the 1980s. And it was written in their contracts that they wanted MM candies, but especially that the Browns had to leave. (Article 126 ). Their contracts contained long, complex instructions, and the brown M&M requirement was randomly buried there. If the condition was disregarded, this meant that the organizer did not fully read the group’s contract.

Use your imagination when you look at the picture, the organization, detail and complexity, and even security in the preparation of this scene. It’s like checking every screw while boarding the same plane before every detail goes awry.
Maybe this story was just about security and was well-kept. But one detail was like a lighthouse foretelling dangerous troubles.

In fact, this event has become a case study, almost in the business sphere. Education, Business, Psychology, Law, etc.
I’ve come across this example case a few times in Project Management.

Inspired by this event, I’ve heard of companies creating their own Control mechanisms.

One of them is small baton buckets under each table, in small detail, in accordance with the contracts of a company planning GREAT EVENTS.

He always requests explicitly that small litter boxes be placed on every table in audiovisual production areas to ensure his instructions are followed.

You can take control of human and environmental control with SMART TOUCH, no matter the whole organization, large or complex.
Both work and character requirements:
I think this is a typical OUTLIER or THINK-OUT-OF-BOX example.

The devil is in the details. So, is being wise the work of the devil? – like everyone else – I say don’t be.
Make a difference, be your difference.

If people ask you why you focus on the details, tell them the story about Van Halen and the M&Ms