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Is Every First a new Beginning?

“Even the longest journeys begin with a single step.”

Lao Tzu

Every Beginning is a first. But not every First is.

New Beginnings are always tricksy. But New First is not.

The Beginning requires persistence and continuous. But doing something for the first time doesn’t mean you’ll do it again.

Let me begin…

Today, I succeeded in providing my motivation for the first article I have designed for a long time.

For about two years, I noted a lot of designs, templates, and topics on writing in my mind.

In fact, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge, emotions, and experience in the last two years. I took a lot of notes while writing, reading, and listening, just in case I decide to write one day.

I decided to write because:

– Sometimes I wanted to be discharged when I couldn’t tell anyone, and when I was not understood or misunderstood.

– I took a lot of notes myself, and I collected data and information. I was looking at them, but I couldn’t find their place when I needed them, or I forgot. I wanted to review them again, repeat them while reviewing them, renew my learning with repetition, and organize them.

– Sometimes writing wouldn’t just help me when I was alone with myself, it would help me get to know myself better.

– I wanted to at least have a story. I don’t have a problem so that everyone can read it, and I don’t worry about making myself like it.

– I hate too many cliches and the same things. I always like to look from a different side, from different angles. My wife always looks at me like a ‘conspiracy theorist’. My answer is always the same.

If you can theorize, you can think.

There is much more to write….

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