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Legacy of Life Lessons

  • “Do not lie, because liars have to remember their lies forever, or they become great deniers.”

This is still the motto of my life. It always keeps my memory and conscience clean. Thanks , Dad.

When I was a kid, my father forced me to wash the car every Sunday evening. It was always very difficult for me.
It’s one of those days again:

Dad : Don’t forget to wash the wheels of your car with a sponge.

Me : Why? They will get dirty again anyway.

Dad : Then you shouldn’t eat every day. After all, you’ll be hungry again.

I was 9 years old ( 1982 ).  One day, my father came home with (maybe) 10-dozen shoe-polishing sponges.  An open market was held in front of our house every Thursday.  He wanted me to sell these polishing sponges.  Later, The lesson was also added on selling ice water from a Soil Jug.

Note: Polishing Sponge was the new trend , A Soil Jug is authentic big jug that keeps the cold water longer.

Dozens of lessons that I can’t count, that I won’t remember and that would become books if I wrote them down. Time often proves The Fathers right. Sometimes from mistakes. The Fathers are the books you can read after you learn to read.