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Who can decide the life span of a Butterfly?

While sitting in a cafe last night, a butterfly landed on the window glass next to me inside the coffeehouse.

He wasn’t moving at all.

Did he come voluntarily, or was he content with himself?

I thought …, It was a beautiful spring outside. I decided to leave it in its natural habitat.

Because there was no environment in the coffeehouse where he could develop his own defense, because not all people are the same, and they could hurt him. I left it in its natural environment without harming it, outside on a flower.

“The lifespan of most adult butterflies is about 2-3 weeks but this can vary greatly among species. Species that over winter as adults (such as Monarchs) will live for many months (this is only true for the last generation Monarchs each summer that is migrating).


Then, I asked this question to me.

Should I decide where to spend this short life?

I think I felt a sense of guilt, instinctively.

Don’t we apply this in our own lives? In the family, at work, and in the social and political environment. Parents and siblings in the family, superior in business life, boss, politicians in political life.

Please do not confuse education with intervention in decisions.


A bird was flapping its wings in search of food on a cold winter day.

It was so cold that it froze in the air and fell like a stone in the middle of the field.

While the bird was desperately waiting for death on the cold snow, a cow came and left its droppings on the bird.

The bird was so angry that if its wings were not frozen, it would have stood up and beat the cow. But the hot dung thawed the frozen wings of the bird, and the bird came back to life. It was singing with such joy that a cat passing by heard the sound of the bird, found the bird in the dung in a short time, and in one move, he took the bird out of the dung.

The bird was very happy and was just going to thank the Cat that the Cat ate it!

Note: My purpose in telling this story is 2 lessons to be learned.

  • Someone You Think Is Throwing Dirt / Mud On You May Not Be Your Enemy.
  • Anyone who takes you out of the dirt/mud may not be your friend.

This topic is deep. I will come back again in another article.